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Luxuriate in Colonial Charm and a ‘Lanna-style’ Tropical Escape at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort, Chiang Mai’s Newest Vegetarian Retreat

Luxuriate in Colonial Charm and a ‘Lanna-style’ Tropical Escape at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort, Chiang Mai’s Newest Vegetarian Retreat




A monumental landmark stands where visitors can enjoy a moment of tranquility and its modern-lanna beauty.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – An exotic refuge from the stresses of modern life, Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort is a unique alternative to more conventional hotel accommodation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Immersed in the world of luxury, colonial charm, and lanna cultural beauty, the resort stands proudly apart from the competition. Simplistic at core, Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort is a leading destination for a Vegetarian retreat in Thailand certified by Veggie Hotels.

Located within the moat-surrounded walls of the Northern Capital City, the resort is a short 15 minute drive from the airport.  A long-standing favourite city for both locals Thais and tourists- Chiang Mai- is famous for its beautiful crafts, majestic temples, and more importantly, the impeccable lanna hospitality. Here at Away, guests are encouraged to leave the world they know behind and live the slow-life concept of ‘the Water of Life’, creating life in balance with water as its core essence. Turn off the phone, cook your own meal, and sunbath after a serene morning swim.

.Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort features 39 rooms, timelessly decorated with detailed architecture, dark wooden floors, and white balconies. It offers 20 Deluxe Rooms, 12 Suite Rooms, 2 Family Suites, and 5 Deluxe Rooms with Pool Access for those eager to catch up with their overdue poolside paradise.  The resort maintains full-fledged in-room amenities, such as personal handy phone, a 42” LCD Satellite TV, and a mini-bar stocked with healthy local sweets and unique veggie treats. What a veggie delight!





Guests can relax in serene comfort of the deluxe room with pool access fully stocked with healthy snacks.

The success of Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort is largely owed to the vision of owner Mr. Vipon Kwatra. As a second generation Thai-Indian, Mr. Vipon and his family had harboured the dream of owning a hotel for many years and has chosen this particular city to build his resort.  Inspired from a meat-free and alcohol-free tradition, Mr. Vipon came in pursuit of a philosophy for ‘zero-profits’ on the meat and alcohol trade within the resort property. This philosophy has ignited Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort to be Thailand’s leading Vegetarian Retreat.

“The resort is conveniently located within a serene area, yet in the heart of the city. It is the location itself that aspire me to build a city-escape. Away Chiang Mai Thapae is proud to meet the all criterias of the world’s largest hotel association for purely vegetarian hotels VeggieHotels and fully commit to a vegan kitchen to play a vital role in the community of ethical, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle ,” said Mr. Vipon happily.

To further embrace and endorse good living, ‘Moreganic Restaurant’ became a much-loved fixture within the resort that comes with a healthy dining culture. Serving an array of western and Thai selections, Mr. Vipon and his team had carefully constructed an innovative fusion menu using the finest and freshest local ingredients to masters the blends of the flavours. Main signatures such as ‘Moreganic Massaman’ and ‘Khao Soi Moreganic’ are fun to pronounce. There are varieties of organic vegetable dishes to select from the Chiang Mai’s renowned The Royal Farm Project. In alignment with the Buddhist values, the restaurant practices the abstinence of meat and alcohol. However, each plate is prepared so delightfully delicious that it calms the mind, soothes the soul, and tantalizes the taste buds!





Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort’s Moreganic Restaurant is not only renowned for its delicious vegetarian dishes- but the details immersed within the decoration.

It is the location, philosophy, and distinctive design that made Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort a favorite among local and foreign travelers seeking an authentic vegetarian retreat or a ‘generally cleansing’ experience. Discover Chiang Mai differently on your next trip. Welcome to the new trend of Veggie fun.








Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegetarian retreat is a modern-classic resort with 39 exclusive rooms in the heart of Chiang Mai City. As an alcohol-free and meat-free wellness establishment. Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort thrives on impeccable traditional lanna-hospitality, tranquil ambiance, and true relaxation. Here time stands still and guests are encouraged to ‘escape from everyday life’. Additionally, Moreganic Restaurant serves an extensive innovative high-quality vegetarian cuisine that’s an experience in itself. Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort is located at 9 Soi 1 Kotchasarn Road, Chang Klan, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai, 50100, Thailand. Taxi and shared local bus service are available to all tourist attractions. To reserve a room or for more information, please call +(66)53-904-974 or visit Facebook: For accommodation bookings, please email 

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