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Today prepare for your upcoming adventure (or to convince you to take one), let’s take a look at “Lung Dech Tea Farm” must-visit places to have tea in Chiang Mai.

The popularity of tea in Chiang Mai is a relatively recent development, exploding onto the scene less than a decade ago.

Since its arrival, hundreds of teas shop have swung open their doors, only to shut them again less than a year later.

The drink tea culture is a fast one in Chiang Mai, as new shops seem to pop up many shop every day , but there is some consistency among the truly great tea.



ในภาพอาจจะมี ภูเขา, ข้อความ, สถานที่กลางแจ้ง และธรรมชาติ


It’s easy to see that the strong roots of the northern Thai Lanna culture is still evident in northern Thailand, and you’ll likely drink tea as the traditional Thai people did at least once during your visit.

Among all the other things you have planned in Chiang Mai, I hope you find time for these must-visit “Lung Dech Tea Farm” in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



















Must To Do ! 10 Activity In Lung Dech Tea Farm

  • Tour tea plantation with tea basket
  • Learning about picking tea leaves
  • Observe the end-to-end process of tea making
  • Roast your tea leaves that you pick by yourself
  • Blend your own tea with flower













  • Chat with Uncle Dech to share his tea know how (language is not a barrier!)
  • Create your souvenir with your blend tea
  • DIY souvenir package
  • Shooting around tea plantation (Amazing landscape)
  • Break with local menu (Meang leaves salad, Yummy!)

















Lung Dech Tea Farm ( ไร่ชาลุงเดช )
Tel. 0811633765
Home-stay about 500-600 B. per day
Fanpage :
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